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“Only Female Rapper I Respect Is ATI,” Ozi F Teddy

Ozi F Teddy who has just declared himself the biggest rapper in Botswana is picking yet another fight with a fellow rapper. This time around he is increasing his beef game with ATI of Batho Bame fame. Ozi has sarcastically labelled ATI as a female, even though we all know ATI is a man.

“Ain’t no female Rappers in BW… these female rappers all Asleep… ALL ASS & NO BARS… Only female rapper I respect is ATI,” he said. ATI’s fans were not amused by this statement, dissing Ozi on his Facebook page that he is just jealous of ATI. Some have encouraged him to work on his trade, rather than spending a lot of time trying to bring others down.

ATI who normally never responds this time around had this to say, “Le ha ATI ale gay wena santse ota tudusiwa matho therra mosimane wa dibase tsa T.M wat wat,” whatever this means only these 2 rappers remain to know. This year alone Ozi has used social media platforms to fight with the likes of Sasa Klass, Daniel Kenosi and ATI, maybe it’s a rap thing.



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