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Ozi F Teddy Proposes To His Baby Mama On Facebook

Marriage might be on the cards for controversial rapper Ozi F Teddy. This man who never mince his words has used a very public medium to propose marriage to his baby mama Ketso Lolo. “Ketso Lolo, my girlfriend will you marry me?” he asked.

Many were shocked by the sweet and romantic side of Ozi since most of the time he uses social media to fight his foes. “You are the mother of my son, my heir! Ever since i have met you, you have been my life boat, you saved my life baby and I love you and only you. Make me the happiest man in the world and say YES! I am looking for your comment too in front of all these people, I love you baby and our son,” Ozi bared his soul to his woman.

It takes a special woman to tame a rapper like Ozi, henceforth we salute you Ketso. It’s been awhile since we had a BW celeb wedding, and we hope the Teddy’s will give us one soon. Wherever you are Ketso, give your man a response, the nation is waiting. Big up Ozi, finally something positive comes up from your side after Sasa dissed you last week.

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