Pros And Cons Of Office Romance

It is very true that we do not choose who we fall in love with, and it might just happen that you fall for your colleague.Β The big question though, is that does it work? Should you do it? How does it affect you negatively or positively?Β Let’s talk about the disadvantages and advantages and see if it works.

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1. Its Easier

Nothing is easier than knowing your partner is just some seconds away from you and that he/she is doing just fine. It saves you the BBMΒ chat which is distracting anyway or the lunch time phone calls. You don’t even have to hang out for lunch in some faraway place, I mean she’s in that building with you.

2. Makes Bonding Stronger

You can bond easily in this situation. The kisses you sneak when nobody is looking or the hugs you give when you both meet just when nobody knows can be exciting and so much fun. You can even narrate each other’s problems at work without having to go out of your way to explain. I mean, your partnerΒ works there yeah?

3. You Don’t Have To Miss Them

Your man or woman is some seconds away, when you feel that very strong need to see them, you can just pop in and say hi during work. You don’t have to look forward to days after then.

4. A Sure Shoulder

Whenever there’s a problem at work, there’s a sure shoulder to lean on. No need having to plead with Mr A or Miss B to help. The boo is certainly going to be there.

5. It Makes Work More Fun

If I had to meet my boo everyday at work, who cares about how boring the office is? It makes everything a whole lot easier!

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1. People KnowΒ Your Business

Let’s face it, we aren’t likely to tell the whole office our partner’s name or our relationship status on a normal day but somehow they would all know if we hook up with that guy/girl at work.

No matter how discreet you both try to be, they would certainly know and since offices get pretty boring, the news would fly around soon enough and everyone would be all up in your business somehow.

It even gets funny when your boss teases you about your boo while at work, that can get pretty awkward don’t you think?

2. Emotions Get In The Way

If you are a jealous partner or protective person, you are likely to find it annoying when someone else at work is all over your spouse. For them it might be harmless, but for you it might be crossing a particular boundary. If you both don’t work in the same office you aren’t likely to know who hugs your boo all day and you aren’t likely going to bother.

3. Fights Can Ensue

You are an adult and you take issues like one but when a situation arises at work, you might have a hard time not acting out/up

4. Distractions

No matter what, your boo being in the next room from you would sometimes distract you from work.

5. Sometimes You Just Need A Break

Sometimes you just don’t want to run into your partner every time during the day. Especially since you would always see during the weekends or something. Sometimes all you just want to do is miss them!

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