Re Batswana Music Ensemble Arrives Back From Their European Tour

After a successful tour in Europe, Re Batswana music ensemble is back in motherland. The crew that ismade up of talented artist like Nnunu Ramogotsi, Ndhingo Jowa and Soares Katumbela toured places like Germany, Dubai, Sweden and China arrivedย this morning.

The origin of this music and cultural exchange tour program began in 2011 when the Producer, Soares Katumbela (Streethorn Director), recognized the need and value in promoting local musicians abroad.
Last year the band completed a successful tour of Sweden and Switzerland where they represented Batswana music and culture.

The success of this tour has awarded ReBatswana Music Ensemble another opportunity in China, Sweden and Germany where they performed during the celebration of the Botswanaโ€™s 50th Independence Day. “Good morning Botswana, re gorogile tlhe Batswana betsho. Thank you for your endless support and prayers. Thank you Lord for protecting us through out the tour,” said jazz artist Nnunu.

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