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Rihanna and And Jameel Hassan Have Apparently Cut Ties

Rihanna and Jameel Hassan have apparently cut ties. The two have seemingly broken up after a good three years together. Rihanna and billionaire Hassan have always kept their relationship private, except for the few times they were seen travelling together.

A relationship between the Rihanna, who is also a designer and beauty mogul, and her Toyota heir partner, was first rumored in 2017 and they have managed to keep it as private and discreet as possible since then. And now, it appears the two have decided to go their separate ways because they just ‘aren’t a good match’.

An un-named source, close to the couple came forth to explain that it was bound to happen at some point. According to an interview with ‘People magazine‘, “Their lives were too different and it was hard to maintain a relationship“, the source claims.

In a separate interview with ‘US Weekly’, a source mentioned that initially the relationship worked due to their opposite but complimentary personalities. However their busy lifestyle started to get in the way of their relationship which has led to their amicable split.

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