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Samantha Mogwe Embraces Her Pregnancy With Fitness!

As much as pregnancy is a joyous time for the mum to be, it comes with physical and emotional body changes that are sometimes difficult to bear. You become tired, feel heavy and sometimes you all you want to do is just lie down. Well with songstress Samantha Mogwe, it is a different thing as she opts to stay active during her pregnancy.


“The changes that the body goes through when one is pregnant are just extraordinary. I find that all I really want to do all day is stay home and sleep, creating an entire person is a lot of work. Staying active is vital and so I dig deep and find the will power to go for my much needed gym sessions 4 times a week”, she said.

Samantha who aims at staying fit even at 7 months went on to say that her programΒ has been modified because of her condition.Β “I also have to pay close attention to my body and stop whenever necessary. The key is to stay fit, not just for myself, but also for the life that is growing in this earthly vessel”, well said.

We see a yummy super mom in the making!

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