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Shona Ferguson’s darkest hours

The Botswana-born actor based in South Africa- Shona Ferguson took to Twitter the struggles he went through which made him what he is today.

It is indeed true that what does not kill you, make you stronger. In his Twitter thread, Shona proved that beyond any reasonable doubt. In his motivational thread, Shona demonstrated through his life story that you are what you say you are, not what others say or think you are.

In his “moment of reflection and gratitude” Shona shared how he was repeatedly shunned and critisized throughout his acting career. He recalls how he was disapproved of, but kept the faith and kept on going. In his own words, he says, “It’s the darkest times and toughest battles that make us strong. There’s no human being on this planet that can break my spirit because you did not build me. GOD did!”

Shona remembered the early years of his career when he tried his luck in Hollywood, only for the producer to ask if he has a back up plan because he does not have what it takes. Though shattered, Shona did not give up.

“An agent told me it wasn’t going to be easy to get me jobs because I didn’t have the right β€œlook”. A veteran actor, loved and respected by millions told me I am not memorable and so did lot of producers. Many actors criticized me and made bets I would never make it in this industry. In 2010, I eavesdropped on a couple of fellow actors saying I was overrated and didn’t have real talent. The insults got very personal. Anyway. I don’t hold grudges the same way I don’t listen to anybody’s opinion, about my life.” he expressed.

Though some looked down upon him, though some had only bad stuff to think of and talk about him, Shona helped them regardless, he gave some work oppotunities, while some are on his payroll.

Shona says he is grateful for his failures as he learns a lot from them, “With every level of success comes new devils so you can never stop praying and feeding your soul with positivity, love and gratitude.”

Shona Ferguson has since featured on many television soapies, series and films. Together with his wife Connie Ferguson, who also hails from Botswana, have established a broadcast production company which have produced most of South Africa’s famous and most loved television series, soapies and films.

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