Sony PlayStation VR Might Finally Get New Controllers In 2018

The Sony PlayStation VR headset is off to a flyer, with over two million sold in just over a year.

With a great library of games and experiences and an agreeable price point, it makes a strong case as the best overall package on the market.

 However, it’s clear PSVR ranks bottom of the pile when it comes to the controllers. The PlayStation Move wands paired with the system are carried over from the PS3 era and have been repurposed for VR.

Now, judging by a patent filing, Sony is looking to rectify that flaw with a new PSVR controller.

The patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan (via UploadVR) shows an enhanced, upright design and a hand grip on the side.

However, most importantly, Sony looks like it’ll be adding an analogue stick, which is nowhere to be seen on the Move controllers.

The patent appears to show a girthier controller with a series of buttons around the analogue stick.

In a separate patent, also filed in 2017, the company mentions individual finger tracking, according to the report.One thing is clear, Sony needs a newer solution to stay on top, as its control system lags behind the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive motion controllers.

There’s no indication as to when Sony might launch the controllers and, as with all patent filings, there’s no guarantee we’ll ever see this product in this form.

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