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Tamar Braxton Shades Her Former Co-Hosts After Being Fired From The Real

Hell hath no fury than a person who just got fired from their job. Songstress Tama Braxton has unfortunately been laid off from her hosting gig on popular talk show The Real. Typical, she decided to lay down from social media a bit, only to come back with a mother of all shades directed at her other 4 co hosts.


A fan posted a picture of the ladies from The Real in a group picture. In the image, Tamar is either photo shopped into the back or she really was sitting away from them. Either way, there is a distinct space between her and the four other women.Β Then, the caption for the meme says:Β β€œWhen you in a room full of phony b*tches and you have to distance yourself.”

That’s one thing. The internet always have something to say about the latest gossip.Β But it was Tamar’s response that has our eyebrows raised.Β The former host was the first person to respond to the picture, writing ‘Pretty much’ with the nail painting emoji..

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