The 5Cs Vital For Self-Development

The 5Cs vital for selfdevelopment  play a major role in self-assessment allows you to reflect and realize the things holding you back from becoming the ultimate best version of yourself. In doing so you re-build your brand and alienate yourself from the negative traits. Youth who display the 5Cs are likely to achieve this goal and likely to fall into the right track towards realizing their set targets.  

1. Competence  

* This involves having a positive view of one’s actions in all areas of life be it social, vocational, academic, health and cognitive. Furthermore it speaks on one’s interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution.  

2. Confidence  

* A strong belief in oneself is a very powerful tool necessary to meet life’s challenges, face them and succeed. This conviction builds an autonomous personality. 

3. Connection  

* A connection between social attitudes productivity is key in reaching one’s goals. Positive energy bears fruit to positive results. This is the kind of energy needed in your everyday life both at a personal level and even with academic or work related spaces.  

4. Compassion 

* Encourages a healthier of relating to oneself and discourages you from being too hard on themselves when you do not succeed at sim the first time.  

5. Character 

* Self-evaluation allows you to make a comparison between who you are now and who you ideally want to be. This will have an impact on your life decisions, which together with your moral code, will dictate the progress you make in life and influence how you turn out to be at the end of the day. 

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