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Tlhomamo rocks Miss SA

Local make-up pundit commonly addressed as Tlhomamo Diamond has been making it big at the just ended Miss South Africa pageant. The Botswana make up guru was engaged as one of the make up artists at the event and has seen been rocking those red carpets with poise and style.


Tlhomamo appeared on the day of the pageant looking all sorts of heavy flames with an all black suit with a neck piece that looks like it has been made from just a lace. In most of his days at the South African queen crowning event he wears all black attires, in one of his social media appearances at the event he is seen at a nearby mall dressed in black jeans and a t-shirt. The color black must have been a signature for the artist for the weekend.


Talk about class then Tlhomamo sure represents just that. Tlhomamo leverages the side of the balance much higher when he eats at some of the most priced restaurants. He displays that indeed he has a thing for finer things. The Botswana born artist has no room for no levels mentality. He is seen having a Louis Vitton bag by his side while he gulps in that drink.


Tlhomamo took to his Facebook page to express his elation, he is quoted saying that the level of treatment he received is executive. He is also taken aback by the beautiful production at the pageant, he advices his friends and followers to look out for a production in the coming week’s Top Billing show. Surely Tlhomamo was at the pageant to enthrall and not play games.

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