Top 3 Botswana Presidents

Sir. Seretse Khama

Sir. Seretse G.M Khama, Botswana’s first President

In his twelve (12) years as President, Sir Seretse Goitsebeng Maphiri Khama did quite a lot. At the time when he became president, Botswana was one of the poorest countries in the world. Under Seretse’s leadership export-based economy was built around beef, diamonds, and copper. To maintain the success of the economy, Seretse introduced strong measures against corruption. His administration adopted market-friendly policies to foster economic development. Khama promised low and stable taxes to mining companies, liberalized trade, and increased personal freedoms. He maintained low marginal income tax rates to deter tax evasion and corruption.

Sir Ketumile Q.J Masire

Sir. Ketumile Q.J Masire, Botswana’s second President

Sir Ketumile Quett Joni Masire is the second and long serving President of Botswana. He started off as a Vice President to Sir Seretse Khama in September 30, 1966 until 1980 until July 13, 1980. Masire ascended to Presidency following Seretse’s demise, he would then rule until 1998. As a principal architect of Botswana’s steady economic and infrastructural growth between 1966 and 1980, Masire earned a reputation as a highly competent technocrat. Masire led Botswana from the low income status to the middle income economy. Under his leadership, Botswana developed immensely infrastructurally and economically. He was honored with the Knighthood of the Grand Cross of Saint Michael and Saint George by her majesty the Queen Elizabeth II in 1991.

Dr. Festus G. Mogae

Dr. Festus G. Mogae, Botswana’s third President

Botswana’s third President, Dr. Festus Gontebanye Mogae led Botswana as the first citizen from 1998 until 2008. During his swearing in ceremony in 1999 he vowed to focus on the fight against poverty and unemployment. Mogae’s tenure saw the emergence of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. During his reign, Mogae took it upon himself to fight the pandemic which was claiming many lives by then. Mogae introduced free distribution of ARVs to HIV/AIDS patients and the initiative is still ongoing to date.

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