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Urban Soul Pledge Their Support For Kast Tlatsa Lebala!

Urban Soul is a fashion & lifestyle brand founded in 1999. With a chain of 5 outlets in Riverwalk, Game City, Rail Park, Airport Junction & Galo Francistown. They will be supporting Kast Stalion on his ambition to Tlatsa Lebala , a concert scheduled for May with the aim of filling up the National Stadium.  Urban Soul has vowed to avail their resources to support another young Motswana.

urban soul

Urban Soul encourages the youth of Botswana to think outside the box because the very same people you thought can do this are not going come from elsewhere but from Botswana. The Tlatsa Lebala initiative by Kast is a bold move that needs to be applauded. It is an event that will not only create an opportunity for Kast, but for other young people and the country at large. Kast Filling up the stadium will be a win for Botswana not Kast.

In closing the young duo who are entrepreneurs had this to say, “As the youth of this country let’s challenge ourselves let’s show the same energy when it’s events involving our neighbors . Let’s show the same excitement or even more it’s our 50 years of independence let’s be compassionate and believe in one another.”

We salute you Urban Soul…Let us support one another!

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