Vacancy opportunities availed at Brazilian embassy


Re: Selection process for the vacancy of Administrative Assistant

I. General Information:

a) Job Description: the Administrative Assistant (AA) will be required to perform all tasks related to secretarial work and administrative support of the embassy.

b) Working hours: 8 hours daily, with maximum weekly work load of 40 hours, from Monday to Friday. Occasionally, the AA will be required to work extra hours to accommodate official Embassy functions.

c) Base salary: monthly salary of Pula 9,000.00 (nine thousand Pula), payable at the end of each calendar month.

d) Additional benefits:

路 inclusion in the Embassy鈥檚 private medical insurance scheme through Botswana Medical Aid.

e) General requirements from applicants:

路 Non citizens of Botswana are required to present proof of legal residency status to be able to work in Botswana.*

路 Minimum of eighteen (18) years old of age.

路 Have completed secondary education course.

路 Be fluent in English and Setswana (written and spoken).

路 Have prior experience in similar type of job.

路 Have good references from previous employer.

*Brazilian applicants will also be required to attest that they are up to date with their military and electoral obligations, as well as certify that they do not hold any public function or job.

II. Submission of Applications:

Eligible applicants may submit their CV鈥檚, with their contact details as specified on item I (e) above, as well as name and contact of previous employer, by any of the following means:

a) Email: [email protected]

b) Hand delivery in sealed envelope to:

Embassy of Brazil

Standard Chartered House Building, 3rd floor

Lot 1124-5 Queens Road


c) By the Postal Service to:

Embassy of Brazil

Private Bag 475

Gaborone Central

Gaborone, Botswana

Embassy will consider all applications received until the cut-off date of November 16, 2018.

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