“We will defend Vice Chancellor Professor David Norris with our lives.”- Joseph

The President of the University of Botswana Student Representative Council (UB SRC) Cater Joseph says a knight and shinning amour will be seen on Professor David Norris’ side should the petition to fire him be entertained.

“I urge the student community, all rational and reasonable UB staff members and the entire public to condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the reckless call from the trade unions to fire the Vice Chancellor. As students, we will defend Vice Chancellor Professor David Norris with our lives. As students and learners, we are the primary stakeholders in the University and we will not allow or tolerate the decision to fire Professor David Norris.” Joseph charged.

Joseph has condemned the call by the University of Botswana Trade Unions to have the Vice Chancellor Professor David Norris fired. The University of Botswana Joint Unions; University of Botswana Academic Senior Support Staff Union, (UBASSSU), University of Botswana Staff Union (UBSU) and University of Botswana Manual Workers Union petitioned the Vice Chancellor recently. According to their petition, Professor Norris has a blurred vision, disregards staff welfare, turns a blind eye to maintenance of the school resources and infrastructure, has a poor governance and communication, dictates to and victimizes the staff.

Meanwhile, the SRC President is of the view that the move by the Unions lacks maturity and are politically motivated. Joseph says the call by the joint unions does not in any way align to the interests of the Student Community who are the primary stakeholders. Cater says as the Student Community they are happy with Norris’ style of leadership and have been impressed by his attitude towards the students and students leaders.

The other student movement, Graduate Student Association (GSA) has hailed Professor Norris’ support to the students. Likewise, the Association has pledged an unwaivering support to the Vice Chancellor.

“In our rank, as the GSA we sing accolades and adulations to Professor David Norris. Therefore we implore and urge the University of Botswana Community and any other concerned stakeholder to rally behind and support his stewardship. We also take this opportunity to reassure and re-affirm our full support to the University of Botswana Vice Chancellor and the entire management.” Modiri Thekiso, GSA Vice President asserted.

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