What men must know about men fashion that she likes

Men have sure took up the ladder too in as far as fashion is concerned. They are putting on fabrics that no one else ever thought they would.Β  They make fashion barriers look easy to break, some are even wearing skirts now. Something which would have been called outrageous years ago. However there are still a lot of other men getting it really wrong. In this piece today we have put together 10 quick tips men must follow to look great.

  1. Buy Core Pieces, Not Outfits
  2. Systemize Dressing Well
  3. Dress Boots Will Elevate Your Casual Outfit
  4. Know Your Measurements
  5. Always Pay Attention To The Details…Because She Does
  6. Care About Skin Care & Wash Your Face Twice A Day
  7. A Little Overdressed Is Always Better Than Underdressed
  8. Buy Less Clothing, But More Value
  9. Don’t Forget About Fragrance
  10. When In Doubt, Keep Your Outfit Simple

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