Why a doek stays winning for Batswana women.

A woman is defined by what she wears and she has eyes set on. A doek is a must have for every Motswana woman because the expectation is that when she goes to a funeral she will have to wear it or for some even when they go to church. Here we explore why a doek stays winning and we share a few pictures of some of the best doek pictures by our local celebs.

Tswana traditional fashion has always borrowed fabrics and patterns from a mixture of western, European and African countries. Popular features of Tswana fashion include German print and felt fabric and African print fabric such prints make great doeks for women. These different styles bring traditionalΒ  head wear and Euro-centric style together, often resulting in a clash of colour and eclectic design. However it is not only the traditional doeks that makes everything look great but all colors are a winner too.

Sheila Tlou

Doek madam


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