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“Why Do People Say I Look Like Lebo Mathosa?” Nnunu Ramogotsi

Being likened to a superstar of note is what many wish for, such that some have even went to the extend of getting cosmetic make overs to look like certain celebrities. Our very own Jazz star Nnunu Ramogotsi says people think she looks like the late South African singer, Lebo Mathosa.

“Mmasonoko….why do people say I look like Lebo Mathosa, but yeah hey, “Nnunu also seems to agree that she and Lebo look alike. We all know that Lebo loved her hair blonde,and now Mmasonoko’s new blonde hairstyle has just made them look like they are cut from the same cloth. Nnunu and Lebo also have the same skin tone, and they spot similar bubbly faces.

Not only do they look alike, these two women are undoubtedly the powerhouses when it comes to African music. Lebo Mathosa passed away in the prime of her musical career, and her brand was know internationally, having done a duet with the legendary Keith Sweat. Nnunu is also holding her own, her music is doing well in Botswana and beyond, she was also nominated in the recent AFRIMMA Awards.

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