Why has fashion gotten boring over the years-By Dimpho Legoreng

In the face of creativity and innovation as well as influx of images, videos and ideas because of the availability of new media, fashion has gotten boring. Staff Writer Dimpho Legoreng gives his own insight into why he believes fashion has gotten wrong along the years.

Over the recent years what has gotten to be dubbed creative and what everyone can relate to especially in regard to fashion has become nothing but a huge bore. But the number one issue before we can explore the idea around fashion should be that creativity has been lost hence boring fashion. Creativity has been stolen by a series of replacements and recyclings that is done to produce fashion trends.

In the recent era of fashion ideas are getting replaced, for instance a vintage shirt is brought back to play by a fashion designer and present it as their own. That has killed the already perception around fashion that creativity is the forefront of fashion. People have lost interest in thronging to fashion shows because they know that what will be presented in their eyes is probably what they have come across one way or the other from back in the years or from another country.

Speaking of different countries, as much as globalization has been hailed by our leaders in the different countries that we are a part of, it has brought along a series of troubles. Different designers who are the main key players in making sure that fashion is appreciated are the main people who are ideas stealer and that has since gave a die out in the fashion fraternity. Globalisation though it brings together fashion makers together has also given the players in the fashion world an opportunity to digress from the cause of making fashion. Fashion makers are now making fashion an unrelatable and an unknown thing to those that appreciate it.

Lastly, fashion has gotten boring of the new media. Yes I said it, New media has made fashion boring. This is the case, you make publishments on what you are going to be presenting (new creative idea) through different new media platfroms. Then boom, before it is officially unveiled everyone knows about it and that is boring. Why present something you were supposed to have made a gem out of in the wrong platform? It will obviously get stale.

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