WIBA Awards To Recognize Women Entrepreneurs.

The business world is not conducive to women, so women businesses tend to fail before they even start. In efforts to ensure that competitive women owned businesses are recognized, Women In Business Association has an annual event in which female entrepreneurs are profiled, and acknowledged for their economic contribution.


The Women in Business Association (WIBA) Excellence Awards aim at recognizing Batswana women who stand out in business. One of the main objectives is to identify, unearth, and nurture, women making strides in their business. October 21st has beenΒ marked as the day in which all the hard work for all nominees pays off,and Travel Lodge will be the place to be.

WIBA was formed in 1990 as a committee of BOCCIM (Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry & Manpower). It is an independent, non-governmental organization with the objective of assisting all women in business.

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