Winnie Mashaba concert gives revellers a taste of greatness

Winnie Mashaba this past weekend was the woman of the moment. She gave gospel lovers what they could have never imagined to come out of the Boipuso hall. The sound was magical as well as the overall arrangement. Revellers dressed to the occassion could not hide their contentment they danced and sang along the tunes produced by the great South African woman of God.

Alongside Winnie Mahsaba was the local clap n’ tap group dubbed Ditsala Moreneng. The group was nothing short of greatness. They danced in patterns so synchronized that it became difficult to identify their individualism. The group gave a change of gear to the night which was most dominantly Zion style of music. Winnie Mashaba brought to stage her A-game more and more people that had thronged the hall asked for encores and encores.

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