Women of Jazz brings fire

Women of Jazz is said to be working on a thrilling work this year. The trio of Puna Gabasiane- Molale, Nnunu Ramogotsi and Kearoma Rantao have been some of the pillars in the jazz music fraternity. Last week they were the headline makers in most news bodies in the country after they made a startling presentation at the President’s celebrations awards. It is believed after getting so many pats on the shoulder for the work done, they garnered the motivation and dusted themselves off.

The trio have been also singing into the hearts of many, earlier in the year Punah released her album dubbed ‘Jazzing ‘Up’ and many in the know say that the album has probably pushed them into this drive they are currently said to be possessing. It is yet unknown if what they are said to be working on is an album or a single but sure what they are on about is going to bring fire to our ears.

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