X Models agency gives models a chance to shine

The X models agency is enroute to greatness. The agency which has been one of the leading modelling brands in Botswana. Since its launch, the modelling agency has been producing a crop of great models in the country. Earlier in the year, youth owned business sent the management team on a networking exercise in South Africa and it is evident that the fruits from the workshop are starting to ripe up. Latty Motlhalamme who is the owner and founding president for the agency revealed a few months ago that he is going to be growing the agency.

This weekend, they will be hosting a modelling search exercise in Gaborone. Quizzed on what the auditions aims at, he said that it is a platform they will be using ton reach out to the best talent that needs to be tapped at. The agency is one of a kind in the country, every model who want to reach their peak would want to pass through it. We are aware that already registration numbers have already reached 100 persons a few days before the audition date.

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