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Zodwa Wabantu Receives Backlash For Her Instagram Comment

Zodwa Wabantu receives backlash for her Instagram comment. The Durban based entertainer is fond of getting involved with Ben 10s tried her luck by commenting on Ntobeko’s Instagram picture. Things went horribly wrong for her after her attempt at shooting her shot with the young actor.

Ntobeko Sishi , an actor on Gomora, is everyone’s favorite character because of his handsome features, natural charm and chiseled body and is now apparently Zodwa Wabantu’s next potential target. β€œEish skhokho angisakhoni please inbox me,” she wrote under Ntobeko’s picture. She cannot contain her feelings anymore and asked him to inbox her.

While it’s not clear yet as to whether 22 year old Ntobeko proceeded to inbox her, fans and followers were not at all pleased. Twitter is furious, calling the controversial entertainer a creep and pedophile for preying on Ntobeko. Many are calling her out to stop preying on young people and her move on him was highly un-called for.


The 35 year old firebrand figure, famous for her provocative dances and her sexual health sponsors is no stranger to scandal. Zodwa has been deported before from Zambia due to her risque routines. Furthermore, the socialite has been labelled a disgrace by politicians and received criticism from former South African president, Jacob Zuma.

This has not deterred her from the character she portrays. In-fact, it fuels her even more. She has a string of younger boyfriends, having even engaged one before but later called it quits with the young man.

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