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10 Things You Did Not Know About Kagiso Sento

10 Things you did not know about Kagiso Sento. There is so much more to the beauty than meets the eye and these are just a few of the key things you probably had no idea about!

1. She is the wife of Odirile Sento famously known as Vee Mampeezy and also the mother of his children.

2. She is 33 years old this year, an interesting fact given how she does not look a day past 25!

3. Her wedding dress was designed by A-list designer Gert-Johan_Coetzee.

4. She keeps her personal life drama free and her man grounded.

5. Kagiso Sento is a humble Christian woman who also happens to be an exquisite trendsetter.

6. She is hardworking and thrived to carve a name for herself beyond being the wife of a famous artist. This awarded her a special invite to the Glamour woman awards in 2019, which was attended by powerhouse women the likes of Connie Ferguson.

7. She is a qualified accountant.

8. Kagiso Sento is brave, having quit her day job to follow her passion of being a DJ.

9. She met her husband in 2003 and has not looked back since. Talk about love and loyalty.

10. Kagiso Sento is a former beauty model and continues to participate behind scenes. She was a judge at the Miss Charity pageant and Miss All Pre-schools in 2018.

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