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Moeladilotlhoko refuses to apologize for cyber bullying

The self proclaimed ‘uncle of the nation’ of the Moeladilotlhoko News Boiler fame sees no evil on what he did. Real name, Tshepho Sethibe, the manager of Moeladilotlhoko News Boiler was urged to apologize for his actions which amount to cyber bullying on women.

One movement by the name Pedigree Woman Social Cohesion had issued out a press release calling for Sethibe to apologize and take down the content on a certain young lady who had an exchange of words with Sethibe.

The movement wrote;

“We are writing to voice our outrage over the recent video of a young Motswana Woman known as (Bronia) which you posted today morning 22/08/2021 on your Facebook Page. We wish to state to you that you have chosen the brutal approach to continiously harrass Women.

We call on all Woman to stand up against such harrassment by yourself and consider actions by your company as Cyberbulling.

We demand an apology and removal of all pictures of the Young Woman (Bronia) whom you have chosen to humiliate. We will not stay silent while your company further victimises young Batswana Women whom we believe are tomorrow’s future.

As an organisation that believes in centering the voices of woman, we commit to doing everything in our power to push you back against degradation of Woman across all sectors in Botswana and we will instruct our legal team to bring charges against you should this extremely shameful behaviour persist.”

In response, Sethibe labelled the movement as fake. However, he never responded or reacted to the contents of the press release which some Batswana agree to.

Moeladilotlhoko News Boiler had posted the photos of the lady in question, threatening to damage her career. The girl had labelled Tshepho Sethibe as ‘a fake investigator’. After the pressure from Moeladilotlhoko News Boiler page, the lady made a video apologizing to Tshepho Sethibe, which was also posted on the page.

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