10 Ways To Look Stunning In Winter

So many people think being stylish should be left for ย seasons like summer and spring. This is because when the weather changes into cold and rainy days, looking good can be a little harder when bundled in a shape-hiding clothing. Yet, it is quite possible to dress well take good care of hair and skin so that you look your best throughout the cold months.


1. Have Fun With Accessories.

Nothing better than a few added touches to jazz up a classical outfit. When you can’t go out without your bigย boots and a scarf around your face, make the most of pretty necklaces, long ones will look specially fitting on a pull-over of flowers in your hair, colorful watches and bracelets, earrings, cute handbags.

2. Maintain Your Hair.

Washing your hair too much strips it of it’s natural oils, causing it to dry out and split ends to form a problem amplified by the winter. Brush hair from the scalp to the tips, to spread the natural oils. This does nothing but strengthen your hair and give it a silky feel.

3. Use A Different Makeup Palette.

For the face, lighten or forgo foundation completely, and use a rosy, warm pink on your cheeks. Mixing a tiny dusting of bronzer with your blush can be a good maneuver, but either look lovely.

4. Use Chapstick.

Use chapstick religiously. Apply every ten to twenty minutes, or as needed. Cracked lips are unattractive. Any kind will suffice, in a pinch, even Vaseline. It is light and leaves your lips feeling much softer. Natural ย beauty is never beaten. Very rarely does anything top a quick daub of lip-gloss and a freshly washed face.

5. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle.

Winters are hard on people: long nights, not much sunshine. It’s not an easy task to look bright and fresh every day. Get a lot of sleep and when you’re unable to do it, take advantage of the weekend and get some rest.

6. Find The Perfect Coat.

In case of a cold winter, a coat becomes a girl’s best friend. It’s the item of your wardrobe you’ll be wearing most of the time so be sure to find a good one. Choose one that will both prevent you from the cold and reflect your personal style!

7. Be Stylish As You Cover Yourย Body

Extremities are vulnerable, specially in bad weather. Make sure they are protected so no part of your body will be exposed to the cold air.ย Cover your neck with a scarf: it is elegant, and you can learn to do some fancy ties.ย If you’re tired of traditional gloves, find some in imitation leather.

8. Care For Your Skin.

In the winter, with harsh winds and heating on full-blast, most skin types will dry out quickly. Drink plenty of water and apply oil-free, easily absorbed light lotions to all parts of your body. When your skin looks good, you will be more confident.

9. Have Fun With The Season.

Healthy doesn’t mean boring, protected and cloistered. Keep up with some exercise and go for walks, go downtown and hang out with your friends, try not giving up on your hobbies.ย Enjoy the winter pleasures like fire

10. Maintain A Social Life.

Winter is a tiring season, so make compromises. For instance, having a fun going out on Saturday and staying in on Sunday will keep you both rested and happy.ย Don’t forget: a happy person shows her beauty on her face and will glow through the coldest winters!

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