34 Batswana Awarded Scholarships In China

Despite economic circumstances, our Government continues to make funding of education a priority. The commitment of Chinese government is also recognized for supporting the country’s development by offering scholarship to Batswana students. A total of 34 Batswana have been nominated to study in China, thanks to the generosity and kindness of the Chinese government.

34 students had been already given scholarship under the ministry of education of china whereas 30 students were expected to benefit under ministry of commerce of China. The bilateral relations of China and Botswana had always maintained healthy and stable development. Education is the foundation of a nation, hence one of the important areas of cooperation between the two countries.

Since 1980s, China has provided a total of almost 800 government scholarships to Botswana students. Given the growing interest among Botswana students to study in China, China greatly increase the number of scholarships offered to Botswana in recent years

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