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Lehenza Plans To Make It Big This Year

I has become a norm that when a new year begins everyone wants to upgrade their life, it is indeed a great start to rebuilding your life. You are more determined that the goals set will be achieved and the necessary steps to be taken will be in order for those goals to manifest into reality. One man who is set to make it big this year isย Karabo Seelo, popularly known as Lehenza of Mokaragana fame.


This celebrity who is now a man of Godย believes in setting New Yearโ€™s resolutionsย heย says setting them is important as one can use them to gauge progress in life by reflecting back by year end as to what one managed to achieve. Karabo has left his former life of binge drinking and womanizing.ย He used 2015 to getย distinguished from the rest and had a great turn around as he grew spiritually and very closer to God.

In the year 2016, he plans on growing in business, TV career but the most important thing to him is growing spiritually. He wants to serve God in truth and spirit as in his life, God is everything he has. In addition, he wishes to teach some people about Godโ€™s mercy and grace, and just how wonderful and great it is to serve him.

Way to go Lehenza.

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