10 Tricks To Eat What You Love Without Gaining Extra Weight!

Eating what you want without gaining weight seems impossible.  Although you are used to hearing about weight gain being related to lifestyle habits and genetics, there are still people who can eat without gaining weight and those that just keep on eating another plate despite damage it does in weight loss. The following tips will help you eat what you love without pilling extra weight.


1. Ditch The Cheat Day.

The ‘cheat day’ is such common practice. Perhaps you spend six days a week eating like a rabbit and then, on the seventh day, you devour every food in site. On days when you’re barely eating, the body starts to think it’s heading towards famine and will hold onto calories and fat as a way of survival. This method of deprivation actually works against you rather than for you.

2. Avoid Stress.

When you’re eating in a stressed manner, the body is essentially in flight-or-fight mode, and energy is not being spent on digesting food, but on preparing for the fight that it believes is approaching. Take a couple of minutes to breathe deeply before, during and after eating.

3. Chew, Chew And Chew.

Believe it or not, most of our energy is spent digesting food, and properly chewing food helps the body in tremendous ways. Try and chew each bite 20 times. Or try by putting your fork down between bites.

4. Eat Low GI Foods.

What comes to mind when thinking about foods that won’t make you fat are foods that you can eat without a blood sugar increase shooting insulin levels in your body up causing your body to store away fat like there is no tomorrow. Low GI foods can delay the increase of blood sugar resulting in less insulin used by your body to keep you blood sugar down.

5. Eat With Gusto.

This is where you get to create the kind of experience you have with food.  If you’re disengaged from the act of eating, you’re chances of overeating just jumped considerably, and the pleasure of food itself is probably being overlooked.

6. Sequential Eating Order Helps.

Eating only one type of food is not how to eat. In order to get the best out of your diet there eating foods in the right order may help you prevent overeating. Start your meal off eating vegetables to give you the fiber your need to soak up water content in your stomach producing a filling effect.

7. Eat Slowly.

People who eat fast in particular, have been shown to a high risk of becoming obese than people who eat at a normal pace when eating. People that eat too fast give their body less time to adjust to eating making it easier to overeat.

8. Eat 3 Meals A Day.

Eating 3 meals a day while holding back on late night eating is a good rule of thumb to go by. Eating the same amount each meal only ends up in eating too many calories and not burning it off sending that energy to your fat stores right way.

9. Watch What Time You Eat.

When you eat late at night the protein BMAL1 one is high in your body that plays a role in the creation of fat cells in your body as well increasing the amount of enzymes that are absorbed from the foods you eat. Eating right before you go to bed is not an eating habit you want to have while dieting.

10. Quit Multitasking While You Eat.

Multitasking while you exercise is okay. However, eating while watching TV, talking on your cellphone, reading the newspaper, etc. is not going to help you lose weight. Being preoccupied with something else while you eat makes you vulnerable to forget about how to eat for weight loss.


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