“Africa Isn’t One Country”- Motswana Youth Opens A Can Of Worms

It is an undeniable fact that some people in developed countries view Africa as one big state. Countries like Botswana might not be known to some people.Β “Just touchdown in Africa,” said Bill Clinton when he had landed in Nairobi Kenya. A young Motswana woman has decided to educate those who are still ignorant about Africa via the internet.

On her clip that is on BBC News Facebook page, she explains that Africa is a continent that is made up of 54 countries with over a billion people. As much as we are many as Africans the only thing that continues to hold us back is our lack of unity. According to the young woman, she suggest that there s still hope that we can unite throughΒ Social Pan-Africanism which is possible through social media.

In as much as African states are headed by some dictators coupled with Africans holding the divides on religious identity pan-Africanism can help in liberating us from some of this alien views that continued to destroy us.Β The USA is a collection of 50 sovereign states plus territories who have a common federal connection, and we don’t have the same cultural identity in any one of those states.

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