Babirwa want Elephants to be smashed

Some residents in the Bobirwa area want elephants to be smashed as they continued to terrorise people lives and destroyed fields. Number of elephants in Botswana is leading with 130000 but 15000 of them are now outside the park while almost 10000 are roaming in Bobirwa side.

After a horrific incident involving a 38-year-old man of Semolale village in Bobirwa area who was killed by an elephant recently, Babirwa want sustainable hunting to be introduced so as to control the numbers of elephants in their area. Some farmers within the catchment explained that their lives are in danger as they are even afraid to walk long distance to look/ search for cattle or even go to the fields because of mass number of elephants that are roaming their landscape.

Babirwa said that, human and elephants conflicts could be curbed through erection of an electric fence 5 km away from Zimbabwe boarder up to freehold land of the Tuli block area as they area is capacitated by a large scale of elephants. They stressed that group leaders of heads of elephants must be fitted with tracking device and monitored all the time.
They shared that, elephants must be moved to areas where they are scares adding that, that must be done more frequently.
However, Gobojango resident, Davidson Mapetla  explained that Babirwa as a whole must amalgamate and raise awareness on what tourism is, and policies that govern it and the community. Besides, he said that it is vital to also educate and train communities about their rights and responsibilities not forgetting communal land rights, land zoning and land use. By Moses Moleboge

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