BCA Students On Strike

A strike by Botswana College of Agriculture (BCA) Students which started last week spiraled into a riot yesterday as the disgruntled students went on the rampage burning tyres amid songs of protest at the college.


The unhappy students are boycotting lessons and have raised concerns that the environment at the school is not conducive for learning. The students complain that the catering company serves them late, and that most of the time they are compelled to skip meals and attend lessons with empty stomachs.

The SRC Vice President grieved that students’ welfare and academic issues are taken for granted. “Students sleep on floors, because we don’t have enough beds, water leaks without any repair to the plumbing, showers are in a bad state as they go for weeks without any cleaning and the refectory is also failing to provide food on time,” he said.

He also added that the health of students is also compromised by the stinking sewage system. The students say they went on the peaceful demonstration after management failed to respond to their concerns.

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