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Berry Heart gets first treat at Voguish

A few hours since the first opening of Voguish body spa owned by mercy’s sister Kagiso Thebe, Berry Heart was among the first crop of people to get an executive treat from the spa. Later in the day after getting the treat her mood escalated citing that this was one of a kind. She went on to say that the country has been looking forward to something of what the spa is currently offering.

Outed verbatim, this is what she has had to say about the place,”Guys I’m excited, very excited to congratulate Kagiso Thebe on her new Voguish Hair & Beauty Bar in Franscistown. The decor & ambiance are what a human body needs when it needs some of type of mood elevation. Beautiful!Have you ever been so excited about someone’s achievement as if it’s yours? That is how I felt when I walked in Voguish!”

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