Best ways to react to your friend’s coming out as gay.

Sexuality is one of the most daunting topics that has been ongoing since the beginning of time. It continues to be become a shock to many when most people coming out to others that they are on the left side and yhave been living with the same-sex fever since the beginning of time. Families have gotten ripped as well as marriages. In today’s edition we give you a few reactional ways to deal with topic.

Stay calm

Listen in a calm manner and acknowledge that you’re doing so with a nod here and an “OK” there. When it looks like they’re done, ask if they want to chat about it and whether they want to hear what you think

Shock and awe

They might not want to talk at all – frustrating for you, but understandable. If they blurted it out, they might be shocked by what they did. Sure, you’ve got questions, but don’t badger too much. Let them know you’re ready to talk when they want to – they’ll come around.

I’m glad you told me

Maybe you’re not immediately thrilled with this news. Well, whatever. You should, however, be honoured they trusted you. Tell them. They might want to hug, they might not. Open your arms anyway and see what happens.

I already knew

Even if you already had your suspicions, it’s best to wait for them to ask whether you already knew, rather than blurt it out while you blow streamers and attach rainbow deely boppers to your head. When they ask, answer honestly. They may feel like they’ve failed in some way for giving the hame away – so rather than concentrate on specific clues, try connecting on an emotional level.

Have you told someone else?

It is very likely you’re not the first person your friend confided in. Try not to feel pushed out – it’s nothing personal. Often an LGBT+ friend will try to gauge your reaction by telling others. They might not want to disappoint, upset or shock you, so they turn to others for counsel on how to approach telling you. It means they haven’t been going through this alone, which should be a great comfort to you. Asking this question is a good thing. It gives you an idea of how open they are, especially if your child doesn’t want to reveal it to anyone else just yet.


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