Botswana On The 10 Best African Countries To Start A Business In List.

Botswana continues to make us proud on the global stage year in and year out. According to the global anti-graft watchdog Transparency International, Botswana is the least corrupt country in Africa. This is an important factor forΒ entrepreneurs as well as investors, who need to rely on their national institutions. Botswana is a country that has relied heavily on diamonds revenue to fuel its growth over the last half century.


The ‘Doing Business’ ranking is not a reflection of the actual economic opportunity in the countries listed. Nigeria, the continent’s largest economy, does not make the top-10 in Africa, languishing at 169 out of 189 in the world, below such frontier markets as Guinea, Myanmar and Iraq. Kenya, East Africa’s largest economy, would be 11th on the list.

But nonetheless we are very happy that our country keeps on getting positive reviews from outside. We have made number 3 on the list. This will help us to get the interest of investors, and the possibility to grow our economy and create more jobs, possibly for the youth.

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