Botswana Jobs Summit Resolutions From Speakers

With the recently ended HRDC Job Summit, we are reminded yet again that the objective of sustainable development through Job creation and economic growth is one we need to set our eyes on. We cannot reach the desired economic sustainability without investing in Job Creation. The following speakers shared important insight of what can be done to fight the high unemployment rate in our country.


  • Dr Sogwele: To create jobs in the Agricultural sector, we need to complete/develop the Botswana Agricultural Value Chain. This will ensure that there is a relationship between Input and Outputs side.As it is there is more activities on the input side.
  • Dr Molwane -BQA : We must go back to basics, look back to the neglected informal sector, a lot of indigenous skills in the villages can create jobs…right now we have crafts coming from our people selling overseas.
  • Mr Richard -UK : ICT supporting commerce: Online real estate agents,one register landlords, most jobs will come from marketing, digital designing etc
  • Ms Rapelang Rabana :If under development can be done,prosperity can be done too.With the use of ICT ,10 000 jobs can be created in this country,internet create jobs ,AS Branders ,translators ,editors, consulting in various fields etc.



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