“Butale Is Not Ready To Be President” – Botswana Youth Shares Thoughts On Political Leaders

Masisi is a realist, his plans sound like they’re well calculated. He comes off as someone who knows where Batswana’s pains are and is really working towards addressing those pains. Some of those might come off as populist measures but they are still good things to do (e.g focus on the entertainment industry- re alcohol regulations, reinstatement of health workers etc)
I also see his efforts to revive the tourism industry to give Batswana and communities that host attractions better leverage. Also do not shun his efforts to bring big “conferences and summits” here. That is how countries such as Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia have made money and increased their attraction to the outsiders. I just hope that he has conditions attached to this- i.e ensure that they source services ONLY from locals.
An electric car may sound far fetched but I say his head is set in the right direction. Go to BIUST, go to Botho University, Innovation Hub and see how advanced and innovative the emerging entrepreneurs are. They just need a supportive government who is equally ambitious and will not be conventional enough to thwart their dreams. I see his efforts in dealing with corruption and he really needs to work on scrutinizing and restructuring some systems meant to address corruption… In fact some of them such as the DISS need total overhauling as far as I’m concerned.
He is an ” International Relations” enthusiast… What we need and have been lacking for the past 10 or so years. I am ignoring talking about his character because there are a few unnerving things about it…so I focus on his well meaning gestures that over cloud what unsettles me about him…

I am also uncomfortable about his silence or “inactive/passive” approach on the following

  • women empowerment and gender equality: a few things have happened such as the Minister with an abusive past given a role in a ministry that is against exactly what he was accused of. The people spoke against it but he dealt with it in an “oh well?” manner. I am not clear on his intent to increase women participation on the political/ decision making front ( of course on merit)
  • He has good intentions to revive local businesses (Arts, ICT, Services and Manufacturing)… But I wish to feel more effort. He is a man in touch with the people and I wish he could bring these people close to him to genuinely understand and address their pain. We talk Knowledge Economy and wish we pair it with Manufacturing Renaissance for the purpose of diversification. Manufacturing, especially sustainably using our resources is our new GoldMine which we should not take for granted.
    -Land Distribution… We are a small population for God’s sake. This land struggle is just so unnecessary. The people should reclaim their land with the government’s support…

Now, Ndaba who is ” calmness and smart, sound thinking” personified complements Masisi’s thinking. He has a thirst to drive the country in the right direction and you can tell it in what he has been consistently standing for. I want him to be in a decision making position… I wouldn’t mind him as President… It is just that I worry that the numbers don’t favour him. We need his level headedness in Cabinet.

I personally do not feel Boko and do not have much to say about him… Maybe because his flamboyance bothers me too much…or maybe I just dont get him….But his recent gestures towards reviving the informal businesses is highly commendable. The most abandoned sector of the economy that has high potential to contribute significantly to the country’s GDP. He did well there.

Butale is not ready to be President at this point…. Or I am not ready to have him as one.

These are my thoughts as a voter, but I vote in Mogoditshane where it is very chaotic. I am still not convinced on who to take to Parley as I failed to listen to the Constituency Debate and have not interacted with the candidates. I need to vote for someone who will be effective and advance the needs of his constituents in Parliament… I will not vote for a person based on what his party manifesto says or on what I think of their President. I need a true Representative….

I will vote on the 23rd…

Opinion Piece By Phatsimo Mosimanegape

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