Celeb Men Who Keep Facial Hair

Move over Rick Ross, we boasts our own beasts here in Botswana. In a world where one has to have and own that signature look, some of our male celebrities have decided to keep beards and goatees as their own personal identification. Beards give one that edgy masculine look and some women only date men with facial hair.

1. Juju Monster

Kgotla Ntsima, popularly known as Juju Boy/ Monster has been carrying his goatee signature look with grace for such a long time now.  He still manages to keep looking fresh and young with all that hair on his face.

2. Kast

The Tlatsa Lebala dream maker Kastalion is embracing his Nigerian roots with his full facial beard. The hair is covering almost half his face, but he still manages to be kempt.

3. Oneal

South African based Oneal does not look like the type that will get a hair cut anytime soon. He keeps the texture of his beard same as his hair, a little unkempt. We love how this look combined with his height make him all sexy and hunky.

4. Taes

Although his doesn’t grow all the way down, Taes still holds his own when it comes to men with beard. This fashionista and event organizer keeps his goatee short and clean.The look compliments his slim frame and low key character.

5. DJ Izzy

The hunky Yarona FM DJ Izzy also holds his own in the beard world. He balanced his yellow bone tone with dark black thick beard. Since he also spots a sweet baby face,the hair helps him kind of look a bit his age and earn that respect.

6. Bissau

Yoh Shau! What’s a rich man with no beard. Bissau, the real G, has been rocking this look since coming into the social scene in the nineties. Since he is the one who prefers domination,this look makes him the centre of attention everywhere he goes, we bet it cost an arm and a leg.

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