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Celine Dion Together With Fans Pays Last Respect To Her Husband

This year, began on a sad note for Celine Dion who lost her husband and brother days apart. A heartbroken CΓ©line Dion consoled hundreds of mourners at the wake of husband RenΓ© AngΓ©lil on Thursday.Β Fans attending the services formed a line that stretched several blocks outside the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal,Β the same church where she married AngΓ©lil in 1994.


The memorial was live streamed on several Canadian news outlets, where a visibly upset Dion stood with her 15-year-old son RenΓ©-Charles by her husband’s casket, wiping away tears and shaking the hands of mourners.Β The 73-year-old AngΓ©lil, who helped shape the French-Canadian singer’s rise to fame, died January 14 from throat cancer.

AngΓ©lil’s funeral service takes place today.Β Sadly, the songstress and her family are mourning the loss of Celine’s younger brother Daniel, who also died of cancer just two days after AngΓ©lil. He was 59.

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