Digital Natives win SmartBots Hackathon

As the competition was announced in the past few weeks, Botswana Innovation Hub reports that the Hackathon was held. In their announcement, Botswana Innovation Hub reported that Digital Natives team has won the hackathon competition.

The team, Digital Natives, has scooped the first position to walk away with Seventy thousand Pula (P70 000). “The winning team made up of Mthabisi Bokete, Gape Ontiretse, Tanisha Sinivassen and Pako Chalebgwa scoped BWP70 000.00. The runner up teams which are Code Brewers and Techno Fairy scooped BWP20 000.00 and BWP10 000.00 respectively.” Botswana Innovation Hub proclaimed.

This highly contested hackathon themed under user interface and user experience (IU/UX) attracted eighty-nine (89) teams made up of three hundred and seventy-seven (377) participants of which two hundred and sixty-eight (268) were males and hundred and nine (109) were females. The web designers were tasked to redesign Government of Botswana’s service access channel being the website and mobile application which are the key to accessing government services online.

In that regard, the design by Digital Natives, which took four (4) days to be put together, will be used as the basis as Government services are being put online. This is in line with the government’s approach to drive the digitization of the public sector and drive Botswana towards a Knowledge-Based Economy.

“User Experience has been a dominating aspect in attracting users and even accelerating the uptake of services. The teams were to look at the current access channels with a view of improving the look and feel of this services and make them more appealing to the citizens. One of the key priorities of Botswana’s Digital Transformation Strategy (SmartBots) is enhancing public service delivery to Batswana by digitally transforming the public service. It is an action plan that delivers a smart sustainable society for Botswana and Batswana.” underscored Botswana Innovation Hub.

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