Emang Basadi Launches Digital Institute For Girls And Women.

In a traditional society, women provided a supporting role but in modern Botswana those stereotypes have changed. Batswana ideals and aspirations are not those of yesterday but tomorrow because the Government continues to invest in capital development especially in the ICT area. Emang Basadi this past week launched a digital institute for girls and women.


It is pertinent that women and girls are included in expansion of the digital world and that their voices shaped the agenda to meet sustainable development demands of the nation. The institute which is one of a kind in Botswana, would change the ICT landscape for girls. The aim of this institution is to provide education mentor-ship training and create girls network for information sharing and imparting of ICT skills.

Emang Basadi is a non-governmental, non-profit making, women’s human rights organisation formally established in 1986 in Botswana. It is a membership organisation committed to the principles of equality, justice and peace. The Organisation’s main goal is to develop action oriented strategies and mobilize women to take steps that help change their social, political, economic and legal positions in Botswana.

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