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Failing Academically Does Not Mean Your Life Is Over- Mjamaica

Failing Academically Does Not Mean Your Life Is Over- Mjamaica

Many know him as the funny guy who always shares amusing videos of himself on social media but there is much more to Thabang Ramokate aka Mjamaica. The now popular comedian is a born again christian who goes to church every Sunday without failure.

Mjamaica took to social media recently this time with a very inspiring message to his fans. He opened up about his past and encouraged his followers  to not give up on life.

“It doesnt mean if you failed academically then life is over for you. I had gotten 17points for my BGCSE because i indulged in weed, a drug that almost ruined not only my life but my mind too. I smoked cigarrettes and drank alcohol too. When i was advised to upgrade my points to redeem myself, i refused because i felt i just loved acting and wanted to do it for the rest of my life. My parents completely couldnt comprehend because they had never witnessed me act before and at some point i left my talent in the dark as i had been derailed by all the bad tempting things the world had to offer. I recall having been arrested for being in a prohibited area that was renowned for crime. One day i listened to God’s calling, and at this point i decided to start going to church, where i found a better life than the one i was living and more responsibility.The fruits of the Lord’s work and how he has transformed my life is the well supported Mjamaica Bw and
What i can say is, God has transformed and turned my life around to give me light on how to put food on the table and leverage from my talent.
My friends, even YOU can do it” his post read.

Mjamaica started off sharing funny videos and now he has been an ambassador for big companies like Orange Botswana. He is a singer and events MC among others.

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