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“His inability to take advice was his downfall.” -Taka

Ndinaye Chengeta has been bashed by many for supposedly running a Ponzi/pyramid scheme disguised as farming initiatives for soliciting funds from the unsuspecting members of the public. While many opine Chengeta’s problem is his “dishonesty”, Mbiganyi Taka says Chengeta’s downfall is caused by his inability to take advices.

Apart from some initiative participants complaints that Chengeta turns a deaf ear and even takes offense from their advices and comments, Taka has noted that Chengeta does things his own way. Taka is the Chairperson for Botswana Agricultural Sciences Professionals Association (BASPA).

According to Taka, as the association, they offered some technical advices to Chengeta to help maximize returns on investment, but all in vain.

“We offered technical advices, right from inception, We made it known that we have experts at Botswana Agricultural Sciences Professionals Association who can assist with animal health and veterinary services as we opined that you cannot run a project of this magnitude without the technical know how. To further show our commitment in ensuring a motswana owned initiative excels, we highlighted that atmost, there is need for training the farm workers and participants on small stock production before the goats can arrive, that did not happen, Mr Chengeta believed he was on top of the situation and took less of the advices, in actual fact, he is one person who believes that you should not empower the masses on the ground a little too high, least they would question his practices and administration.” Charged Taka.

As it stands, Chengeta is receiving a series of critics regarding his initiatives and how he runs them. According to most of the critics, Chengeta’s initiatives are more like a pyramid scheme as they benefit him mostly. It has been observed that the participants spend more than they can ever benefit from the initiatives.

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