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I Will Be Contesting For BOMU Presidency In The Next AGM- Dan Kenosi

The brother with the scoop Dan Kenosi looks like he has a keen interest in the local music industry. Β Just before he lamented that local artistes are being ‘robbed’ by their ‘bosses’ through COSBOTS, he announced through his social media page that he will be contesting for BOMU presidency and urged musicians to contact him.

“Bagaetsho, more especially all musicians.

Ke emela bo Tautona jwa BOMU next AGM. I urge all musicians to contact me 75155960 so that we come up with solid plan of bringing change.

It’s time for music awards and voice of musicians with quality.

We have to get the office running. When in power, I will ensure that MYSC is pushed to help us negotiate with foreign companies operating in Botswana to endorse our musicians.

I will also bringing maximum and minimum booking rate based on establishment of the musician.

Contact me, let’s change the industry. The old are tired. We need change. 75155960″

We are not sure if he was being serious with his statement or even if it is possible for him to be at the helm of the seemingly troubled Botswana Music Union, but we shall wait and see.

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