Implement Government Policies: Peloetletse

Public officers in Francistown have been challenged to proactively work on implementing government policies.

The call was made by Permanent Secretary to the President Ms Emma Peloetletse when addressing heads of departments in Francistown.

Ms Peloetletse appealed to the officers to embrace, understand, interpret and cascade government policies and laws.

She shared with the officers about some of the legislative reforms that government introduced such as economic inclusion law and the revised Public procurement law all of which are expected to empower Batswana to achieve prosperity for all by 2036.

Ms Peloetletse also challenged public servants to introspect and up the game as far as service delivery was concerned adding that they should complement each other as they serve the public.

Peloetletse expressed that the recent government rationalization was done to ensure that citizens are served better while ensuring that government machinery offering same services are brought closer together.

Though meeting was held in Francistown it included urban development committees from , Central and North East district .

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