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Is Nijel Amos Dating Miss Botswana Finalist Modioki?

Is Nijel Amos Dating Miss Botswana Finalist Modioki

Could star athlete Nijel Amos be dating beauty queen Modioki Gaborone?
A few weeks back the Diamond League champion posted a picture of Modioki but did not say much.
Today however he posted another picture of the both of them and said the three words!

“It takes a lot for someone to stand and continue walking for his or her dream even in times of storm.all the best my beautiful babe.do your best and let God handle the rest.as I always tell you.before God takes you up.he will take you down to show you who are really standing in your corner so you know your safe errands.i love you ❤️ Modioki Gaborone”. He wrote on social media.

Yesterday there were some screenshots that were circulating claiming that the contestant who will be battling it out with eleven other girls is dating one of the top officials and influencers of the Miss Botswana committee.
The screenshots were however deleted quickly on social media.

But are the two really dating or is just a cover for that drama, but then again you can never know what is what, this city is too full of conniving people, we can never know where those messages came from.
Congratulations anyways if at all Nijel is dating this beauty. He really know how to choose them.

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