Lemogang Senwelo Aims High With Africa Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 3.0

 The Africa Youth Entrepreneurs summit is a platform created by
Connect Circle, a team of brilliant young minds who have been
together for two years to see this concept of building an eco system
of African Entrepreneurs come to fruition. They managed to execute this
without years of industry experience, expertise or exposure but with
sheer determination, built confidence, drive , focus and passion.
In an interview with Lemogang Senwelo, she said that this year’s theme was close to her heart as it shared perspectives on disruptive Innovation in today’s versatile business jungle. As a connect circle, they organized a seasoned panel of entrepreneurs from various markets to share insights of what it takes to succeed and leverage on the opportunities Africa provides amid their challenges.

She continued to add on and give reference, saying a small country like Rwanda which had a genocide in 1994 is of current, a booming production hub which now is opening up a cellphone manufacturing plant in their country together with launching a digital satellite to provide internet to schools in rural areas.

Botswana and other African countries have the potential to do
something as massive as that. In realizing this, the AYES first step is to
connect and host relevant conversations translated into practical actions that bring solutions.

Therefore AYES team introduces the 3rd Annual Africa Youth Entrepreneurs Summit under the theme ‘UPSKILLING INDUSTRIES WORKFORCES IN PREPARATION FOR AFRICA’S DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.’ AYES 3.0 as it is famously known will be leading topics on digitization and tech platforms including but not limited to Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Tech Entrepreneurship just to mention a few.

AYES has showcased what the youth of Africa would like effectively to emerge and become something to feed from and transform the digital collaboration use from country to another. Although the AYES team did not anticipate the summit to grow and become one of the most
effective platforms in Southern Africa, they are happy with the knowing it is likely going to exceed their expectations and cover the entire African region.

The first AYES is said to have been an idea to test hypothesis and make it a once off event, granted that it has grown from only 4 African countries participating and less than 100 delegates to now hosting over 12 Countries and 300 delegates on the 2nd Annual. The AYES team is confidently anticipating a lot more participation in the upcoming 3rd installment in 2020.

Story by Boingotlo K Seitshiro

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