M.R.S Botswana: Beauty Pageant For Married Women

Beauty pageants are in most cases reserved for young single ladies with no children, but the M.R.S pageant has a different twist. Here only married women with or without children are eligible to enter. The winner will be sent to compete Globally with other misses of this planet in China towards the end of the year.


Married Remarkable Sophisticated Botswana or M.R.S Botswana is an established private business and trade mark incorporated in Botswana specializing in the business of family management and recreation. If you think you have what it takes to enter read the rules and regulations below and follow this link for more information—->

M.R.S Botswana Rules And Regulations

1. Should be between the ages of 22 and 55
2. Be legally married (with or without children) and in a committed and supportive marriage with a valid marriage certificate
3. Be a permanent resident of Botswana with a valid ID and Botswana Passport
4. Be available for the Auditions, semi-final judging as well as Pageant Week and various other activities during your participation in MRS Botswana
5. All semi-finalists and finalists will have to be involved in various fund-raising activities as well as charity work (to be discussed in detail once chosen as a semi-finalist)
6. Should be truthful in respect to all matters regarding the run-up to the pageant, the pageant itself and period after
7. Be in possession of at least form 5 certificate or equivalent, and well-spoken
8. Have no criminal records and outspoken
9. A strong, successful woman
10. Comfortable in swimsuits
11. Vibrant and intelligent
12. Organized, creative, reliable and a team player
13. Healthy and comfortable in her own skin and body
14. Ambitious and hard working
15. Humble and beautiful inside and out
16. Well groomed and presentable
17. An upstanding Role model for married women in our country who exhibits appropriate behavior and a positive attitude
18. An Ambassador for Botswana
19. Brand Ambassador for the brand and sponsors
20. Only 1 entry form per entrant can be submitted.

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