Monate Ko Motjing Slated For December 30

Monate Ko Motjing Slated For December 30

The second annual Monate Ko Motjing will be on at Maun Sporting Complex on December 30.

The event held under #blameThePromoter is coupled with a lineup of 90% local artists and supporting acts from renowned South African DJs and musicians.

According to the event spokesperson, Benah Kobotwe the audience will be treated to a fun filled night of dance from drums and sticks crew, Team Distant, Han C, Kast, Vee Mampeezy, Ban T and DJ Cupid to pilot the night shift. β€œOur main act of the night is Prince Kaybee and the legendary DJ Ganyani. This promises fireworks and the venue is easily accessible to Maun night revellers,” Kobotwe stated in a press release.

She said as an indicaton of growth,Β  Monate Ko Motjing has increased the Maun-based artists for the lineup to give the show a homebrew flavour.Β  We also feature the winner of the President’s Day Competitions, DJ Skizoh BW.

β€œThe show is bringing in unknown artists who have been operating in the shadows and now hitting the public such as Luzkat who is releasing his first album in 2018. The show will also feature artists from villages around Maun,” she said.

Performing at the event will be the likes of DJ Ganyani, Prince Kaybee, Kast, Ban-T, Team Distant, DJ Cupid, Vee and many more.

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